WOCHE DER KRITIK : Les 10 ans de la Semaine de la critique de Berlin
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Hisayasu Satō

date de naissance
15 août 1959
Longs métrages
Love & Loathing & Lulu & Ayano (2010)
Tattooer, The (2006)
Rampo Noir (2005)
Scent of a Married Woman (2001)
Soft Skin (1998)
In the Thicket / New Rashomon (1996)
Meet Me in the Dream: Wonderland (1996)
Night of the Anatomical Doll (1996)
Splatter: Naked Blood (1996)
Hunters' Sense of Touch (1995)
Wife in Heat: While Husband is Away (1995)
Filthy Wife: Wet (1994)
Molester and the Peeper: Gynecology Ward (1994)
Wife's Perverted Beauty Salon (1994)
Young Wife: Opening Juicy Thighs (1994)
Molester's Train: Nasty Behavior (1993)
Pleasure Masturbation: New Wife Version (1993)
Real Action: Drink Up (1993)
Real Time Tapping Report: Pillow Talk (1993)
Wife in Mourning: Pubic-Shaved Rope Slave (1993)
Housewife Punishment: Triple Torture (1992)
Promiscuous Wife: Disgraceful Torture (1992)
Real Action: Vibrator Punishment (1992)
S&M Group Wax Torture (1992)
Uniform Masturbation: Virgin's Underpanties (1992)
Hidden Video Report: Dark Shot! (1991)
Lady of the Stable (1991)
Lesbian Rape: Sweet Honey Juice (1991)
New Wife's Private Parts: Caress (1991)
Uniform Punishment: Square Peg in Roung Hole! (1991)
Widow's Perverted Hell (1991)
Hidden Video Maniac: Uniform Hunting (1990)
Horse and Woman and Dog (1990)
Naked Action: College Girl Rape Edition (1990)
Office Lady Rape: Devouring the Giant Tits (1990)
Rapist with Handcuffs: Defile! (1990)
Serial Rape: Perverted Experiment (1990)
Special Lesson: Perverted Sex Education (1990)
Beauty Reporter: Rape Broadcast (1989)
Ecstasy Game (1989)
Mad Ballroom Gala (1989)
Pervert Ward: S&M Clinic (1989)
Rape Between Sisters: Penetration! (1989)
Abnormal: Ugly Abuse (1988)
Hard Focus: Eavesdrop (1988)
Lolita Disgrace (1988)
Pervert Ward: Torturing the White Uniform (1988)
Genuine Rape (1987)
Lolita: Vibrator Torture (1987)
Temptation of the Mask (1987)
Exciting Eros: Hot Skin (1986)
Office Lady Rape: Disgrace! (1986)
Uniform Virgin: The Prey (1986)
Mad Love! Lolita Poaching (1985)
Sex Virgin Unit: Party of Beasts (1985)
Wife Collector (1985)
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Entrevue avec Hisayasu Satō (Excessif)
Entrevue avec Hisayasu Satō (Electric Sheep) (en anglais)